Lois & Clark | Season 9

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one Clark & Lois cap per episode: 4x19 Blank

“Guess I shouldn’t call you Smallville anymore.” It’s not the last time Lois will say this. Fortunately, it is an empty threat. When Clark is the greatest hero the world has ever known she will still call him Smallville, and he will love her for it. She only knows the truth for about five seconds this time around, and this is only the first fakeout, but her various reactions make seeing that moment a few extra times okay. Earlier in this episode when Clark lost his memory - again - she told him to trust his gut. It would’ve been nice to see more of Lois interacting with amnesia!Clark - again - but this episode is not about them. And while Clark and Lois’s relationship may overstay its time in the periphery of the show, it doesn’t falter. It builds itself steadily up in the background so that by the time it comes to the forefront, its foundation is rock-solid. Lois tells Clark to trust his gut because it’s what she would do, but also because she trusts him. Lois will always take Clark as he is and without judgement, and she will always have a quip to make about it.

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8x10 | 10x04

#parallels that emphasise progression are the best #the subtle changes in their faces AAAH i could analyse it all day #like how they both look terrified in bride and comfortable in homecoming #like how clark slights lois at first but then makes sure that doesn’t happen again #both kisses get interrupted but lois doesn’t step back in homecoming. she takes his hand #’sorry i missed our dance’ he doesn’t just mean the homecoming dance #HE MEANS EVERY DANCE #he means every opportunity that they had but missed #but things are different now #and they won’t miss another dance again#lmao i’m such a sap

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Smallville 9x15 Escape

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