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You wouldn’t even let me help you with your coat.

I held your hand.

Only when you were taking hors d’oeuvres out of it.

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#these two and their kink for role playing s2g #remember that valentine issue in which they rp as themselves on their first meeting #bless #lois and clark: sexing it up across the verses since 1938

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Lois Lane’s Rules of Reporting

#clawing at my face  #why are they so lovely?  #i  #i don’t want to talk about it  #i’m going to start my rewatch soon #daily planet duo  #clark is such a dork and it never ceases to delight me  #i love that lois brings up his ‘memento’ and she’s teasing him  #but she’s also charmed by it  #and it’s true of so many other dinky little kitschy smallvillian things  #that she mocks tirelessly (because she’s lois) but can’t help but be enamoured by  #his stupid plaid shirts and warm milk when you can’t sleep with cookies on the side  #and clark; smallville; in whom all of these things are embodied  #with his stupid smalltown sincerity and absurd kindness and indelible naivete  #and his unfailing belief in people and humanity (and HER) no matter how snarky and cheeky she is  #(because he loves that and it turns him on obviously; IDIOT)  #also one day we should chat about how this superman dude  #who is probably the most powerful being on the planet; who isn’t a slouch intellectually by any means  #has no issues or qualms with learning from a woman  #no problem understanding that without a doubt - she is the better journalist  #and that no matter how much time passes; he’ll always have so much to learn from her  #that he might be able to scale everest in the blink of an eye (less) or bang out thousands of words in a minute  #but in this - she’s ‘super’ and he’s got his hands full just trying to keep up with her.  #(he also loves this and it turns him on obviously; IDIOT)  #what kind of heart doesn’t look back and cryyyyyyyyyyyyyy at this perfection?  

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